Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Marc left town super early this morning and it’s just me and the kids. Isa is very excited about her New Year’s plans. She is having her friend, Eloise, sleepover. I hope it’s super fun. On the agenda: sock puppets, decorating sugar cookies, late night movie, and sleeping in sleeping bags. Woo hoo! I will try and write bits here and there as things unfold.

No one wanted to make sock puppets. I was shocked but didn’t mind too much because Jimmy seemed a tad ill. He pooped at least 4 times and seemed a tad feverish. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has two teeth tomorrow.

The girls have been playing wonderfully together. Right after Eloise arrived I laid down two ground rules. 1) this is a once a year event (they were totally planning their next sleep over at dinner) and 2) when I say google-meister you have to stop and dance. I thought that would be a fun way to break up any tiffs they have. I have only used it twice so far and it worked perfectly. Both girls were laughing instead of yelling, “that’s mine.”

The cookie cutting was fun. We still haven’t decorated them and they are not that interested. They would rather play in the basement. I will give them as much time as it takes me to write this and then march them upstairs. It’s already passed Isa’s bedtime and I promised them a movie too.

Happy New Year… I may update this later but, if not, till 2010!

Dress up is way funner than making puppets.

Eloise wanted the sleep over to start and that meant let's sleep or watch TV.

Busted! While I was nursing Jimmy the girls got into some stamps.

Eloise rolling the dough.

Isa taking a turn rolling.

The girls are super cute and so polite to each other. I put Isa in time out for talking ugly to me and Eloise came up to me about a minute later and asked if Isa could get out of time out so she could play with her. How could I say no? Isa said sorry and they gave each other a big hug. They ask if one wants to play this or that and the other one says yes or no thanks.

Just heard Isa say, "I have it please?" Eloise, "sure." Isa, "thanks."

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jimmy's Stats

Jimmy's 18 Month Stats
Length  29 ¾ inches long (25-50%)
Weight 16# 12 ounces      (5th %)
Head     43 ¼ cm              (25-50%)

Jimmy did great at the doctor’s office. His weight is low but he’s still on the Jimmy curve. He totally knows about the nurse and her plan to give him shots. He cried more before the shots than he did after the shots. Fear of the needle is good and strong!

No pictures. My camera is broken and it might be awhile before I get a new one. Maybe Isa will let me borrow her Tinkerbelle camera.

In early 2010, Marc and I plan to potty train Isa at night. All suggestions and tips are welcome! I have a feeling it’s going to involve lots of sleepless nights and laundry.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Jimmy's first words...maybe!

Jimmy is growing up. He has a few words that I think he’s saying. Nana for banana, dada for daddy, and du du for duck…he tends to say all three, all day long, but he’s been specific a few times too. For dinner tonight he had salmon. Kids can have salmon at 18 months, right? He has his 18 month check up tomorrow so I will have to ask. He loved it though. Tonight he was grabbing the honey bear bottle so he could get more. He still isn’t sucking the liquid himself but I’m guessing soon. I’m not sure how he will learn that skill exactly…maybe he will do it by accident and then be like, whoa, I just drank. Once he can suck the liquid from the straw he will be flying solo with the honey bear.  He has no problem holding the bottle and putting the straw in his mouth. I’m excited for his weigh in tomorrow. Wanna guess his weight?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Harrison Condo and Book Shelves for Sale!

we had an idea to use some of the Christmas boxes to make Princess Cinderella her own home in Chicago...she was tired of living with the other princesses.

after Isa got bored, she helped Marc put together a book shelf.

Jimmy thought it was the best time ever.

this is how the condos look but there might be some remodeling later.

Daddy spent lots of time with each kid today. First, he took Jimmy to the store to buy a book shelf and Jimmy smiled the entire time. He was beaming when he came home. I held him while Marc brought in the goods and he watched Marc fervently with a huge smile and made happy noises. He was loving daddy time. Later, Daddy took Isa to Grandma's house to make snow angels and raid their fridge and porch. Marc asked Isa, "did you have fun playing in the snow?" Isa answered, "It's fun being together."

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Marc, Christi, Isa and Jimmy!

Jimmy shouts, "Merry Christmas!"

My brother Jacob was my only sibling not with us this Christmas. My mom and dad came up with a fun way to say Merry Christmas to my little brother. He studied in culinary school in Paris a few years ago and this is our way of appreciating his talent and saying we are jealous, happy for him, and sad he is not with us!
a highlight of the link above.

the kiddos with Papa Mark

Uncle Nate asleep on the it should be.

Me with my sweater vest boy!

Isa in her Christmas dress.

We had a wonderful Christmas. Marc and I were lucky because we got to spend Christmas with both of our families, although, a few of our siblings and their families were missing. We miss you! It was thrilling, exhausting, yummy and fantastic. Thank you Wittig family for flying out and thank you Harrison family for all the great food. Christmas with all of you is the best.

Marc went overboard with gifts for me. I felt like a Queen and I think Isa felt like a princess. Marc and I got the same thing for Jimmy. An alphabet train that he can eventually ride one day with blocks, music, and gadgets. I think we will donate the other one. Jimmy didn’t seem to notice the new toys too much, but I’m guessing the therapists will be happy there are new things to entice him to move with.

Isa got her rock band and I’m regretting it very much. All the who Isas and Jimmys would wake up bright and early. They’d rush for their toys! And then! Oh, the noise! Oh, the noise! Noise! Noise!

The best Christmas present of all though was Isa giving everyone a big hug and saying, Merry Christmas and Jimmy laughed and laughed and laughed all day long.

Christmas Movie 2009!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A day with some great moments.

Isa decorated these ornaments. Super glittery!

Jimmy on the drums!

He's a happy man!

Jimmy's like, "sing it sister!"

We visited Marc at his new office. The office is great, we got a tour, saw the snack machine, and conference room, but we hardly saw Marc. We killed some time drawing photos and playing the drums. Afterwards, Marc got away from the office and joined my whole family at Rosebud Trattoria on Dearborn for a nice dinner. We had a very attentive waiter and great food. 

a great pic of Leticia and Jimmy

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Frosty the Snowman and my family is in town!

My proudest achievement in 32 years!

This morning I was looking out the back door and I witnessed my neighbors rolling snowballs. I thought, it is time to conquer that feat. I put Jimmy down for a nap and Isa and I made the best snowman ever…to date anyways. I rolled snowballs and they were big and round and just plain perfect!  I was calling him Cool Guy but Isa insisted his name was "Frosty the Snowman"…not just Frosty.  He is wearing a Quigley tie, which I think Marc was a tad upset about, and wearing a great jenner and block sun visor cap because he’s too cool for school.

Isa loves to shovel.

My brother and I took my family to Family Grounds in the hopes of inspiring some investors. Haha. We learned that they want to franchise. Hmmm?

 Luke and Jimmy!

Tonight my brother, Nate, and his wife, Leticia, made us a wonderful dinner of butternut squash soup, pork chops, and asparagus. Thank You!

My mom helping out.

Luke, Leticia, Nathan, Jonathan, Dad, Mom, and Isa enjoying a yummy dinner.

This is what happens when you leave my dad alone with Jimmy. Fear and laughter overcame me...I think Jimmy took a poop sitting on the drum. He was exhausted. He was asleep withing 5 minutes of this picture.

P.S. Jimmy did eat adult food all day yesterday but not today because he seemed uncomfortable and constipated. I think I will stick to 50% non-baby food for now.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Carrot Top!

Look at that carrot top!

I think Marc and Jimmy look similar in this photo.

Today might be Jimmy’s first day with absolutely no baby food from a jar. Not that he won’t eat it again but today might be the first. We still haven’t had dinner and I might throw in towel but I think I have a good plan.

We went to Northbrook Court to kill time while my brother and his wife shopped and the kids and I spent it at the tree. The tree is big and the kids can run in and slide out. Isa had a great time and made two best friends. She doesn’t know either of their names though. There was a 10-15 minute period where she had no friends and that made her very sad. She said, “they keep running away with their mamas.” I tried to explain that they had to go home but she wasn’t interested in why.

Lou Malnati’s is on its way and then Whirly Ball tonight with the brothers. I love Christmas Vacation. The only downer is Marc is extremely busy and is still having eye difficulties. I hope you can come home soon Marc. Muah!

Ornaments we made yesterday.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Up on his knees

So that is on the sofa...yay!

While Marc and Isa were at the movies watching a Frog and a Princess, Jimmy and I were folding clothes. Jimmy decided to show off some mad moves and went from sitting to being up on his knees while holding onto the sofa. He did it twice and he looked so happy. Gotta love the little man. He also ate lots of turkey pieces and avocado pieces all by himself. It’s scary but soon I will not be needed to feed him at all with the exception of providing the food.
Isa ready to see the movie.

When Isa was out with Marc they bought some paint and we decided to make this. I really need at least one more string worth, if not, two. Maybe tomorrow we will finish it.
Isa in her smock. Sadly, it doesn't cover all of her.

Jimmy keeping busy and tapping the markers.

our dots

Finished look!

Tonight we have a Holiday party and all I want to do is close my eyes...I think I can, I think I can, I think I can….

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Show!

Isa with some of her classmates.

Isa before the concert.

I’m laughing just thinking about Isa’s Christmas Show this morning. The three year old class sang Away in a Manger, Silent Night and Jingle Bells. The first song was Away in a Manger and Isa inched up as close to the mic as she could. I was dying and the best part was she finally got front and center, and she didn’t know the words. Isa might be struck with my inability to remember the words to any song regardless of how many times she has heard it, but boy I’m hoping it’s just a three year old thing.

Jimmy looking devilishly handsome!

Jimmy was rocking it in a new sweater vest compliments of Bobby and his Mamas. He got so many compliments.

Marc, Isa and Jimmy after the concert.

Isa singing Away in a Manger

For the second round of songs Isa got stuck in the back row and eventually started crying because, and I quote, “I wanted mama.” It was a great show and afterwards they had a Christmas Party. It included lots of donuts and cupcakes.

Isa with her teacher Mrs. Sasso...her teacher came and got her because she kept crying during the last two songs.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's the little things!

This morning Jimmy had fun playing with his diapers. He took them out of the bag and threw them around. Look at the mischievous smile...he's telling me to get ready for the future!

This morning we went to Isa’s school to get Isa’s second H1N1 mist and they asked, if Jimmy needed his and if I wanted one, and he did need one and I wanted one, so now we are all caught up on our shot/mists. Whoo!, one less thing on my to do list.

 (isa stuck this on our window!)

Another very nice surprise was I ran into Nordstrom’s with a 30 minute time limit and I got Isa slippers for school and some skinny jeans for me. Very, very nice! Now I know why Pam loves that place and I can finally wear my boots with no faux pas ruffle at the knee. I think that makes me cool or maybe just a tad cooler!

 (i love these long armed projects. i bought this one at target. isa had a great time putting it together.)

Quick Jimmy update… He’s eating so much adult food now. He ate some small bits of grilled cheese dipped in broccoli cheddar soup tonight. He’s amazing at picking up his cheerios and eating them all by himself, and he still allows me to squirt in liquids. He’s such a big boy!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A poop story!

Tonight at dinner I could totally tell Jimmy was pooping so I stood him up hoping that it would help him get it all out. I changed him and then put him in the bathtub. Jimmy then waited for the water to fill up almost completely and then pooped again. Thankfully, Isa had not joined him at that point. So I took Jimmy out, wrapped him in a towel, and then cleaned up the poop. I started to refill the tub with clean water and that’s when I noticed that Jimmy pooped in the towel. I asked Isa to get me wipes but it was pointless. The last leg of his pooping marathon was by far the biggest, and it was thick like glue, so I took him to the kitchen sink to clean him up. So much poop. The worst part was that I put Jimmy back into the bathtub and then realized I had a towel full of poop next to me. It was covered in poop and the only thing to do with it was put it directly in the wash machine, but I couldn’t because Jimmy was in the bathtub. I finally decided to wrap it in another towel and then put it down the laundry shoot. All towels and rags are in the wash machine right now.

Monday, December 14, 2009

My Morning Jacket

Isa made a snowman today!

Isa took a picture of an ornament she made...Jimmy's on the other side.

Isa's final outfit at our dance party this evening.

Today was a day of relaxation and playing catch up. I asked Isa to clean different sets of toys and when she finished each job she said, “now Santa will bring me presents?” First thing this morning, Isa asked what day it was (she was referring to what day on the advent calendar). I told her day 14 and she opened up #14. Then she asked again after school, a tad later in the afternoon, before and after dinner…you get my drift. She is desperate for it to be Christmas TODAY! After a long day of not doing a whole lot we finished off the day with a dance party. We chose to jam out to My Morning Jacket. I think they might be my favorite band. Isa dressed up as a ballerina, Cinderella, Tinker Bell and Minnie Mouse. For Isa, a dance party is more about the outfits than the dancing. Hilarious and Fun! Jimmy enjoyed the dance party and did his full body tense up and jazz hands as he danced with me. He’s the best partner…just don’t tell Marc.