Sunday, September 20, 2009

5K #2!

I ran a 5k this morning and it was hard. To understand how hard you have to understand my weekend. Friday night I was out with the girls and did not get home till midnight.

Saturday I was up bright and early and spent the day driving to and from South Bend, Indiana for a completely awesome Notre Dame vs Michigan State game. It was one of the best games EVER. The greatest parts about the game were that I could enjoy the good plays made by both teams since I wasn’t emotionally invested, it was a close game, the weather was fantastic, and Jonny and I beat the crowd out of the stadium…cause we ran like lightening! That run was actually harder on me than the 5K this morning. Nachos and Coke equals cramps everywhere.

I drove straight from the game to movie in the yard at Joe’s house. We watched Back to the Future and Superbad. Both excellent and Marc and I returned home at 12:30am.

This morning Marc let me sleep in till 7:15am at which time I was in racing mode trying to eat breakfast, get dressed, get Jimmy dressed, drop off the kids, pick up Tessa, and be at the race by 8am. We got there when people were walking to the start line. I finished in 30 minutes 8 seconds. Not too shabby considering I walked a bit. Marc ran along side me and encouraged me the whole way. Then Tessa, Marc, Isa, Jimmy and I had a yummy breakfast at Prairie Joe’s and ate all the calories we burned in the race plus a few extra! It was fun and now I get to shower.

The craziest part of the race was Marc's and my bib were #2 and #3. We must have been the 2nd and 3rd in the race to sign up! Woohoo!


  1. And I quote... "let me sleep in til 7:15"... That's just wrong! I just don't know how you guys get up so early!

  2. Didn't I give you that sweet "Team Zissou" t-shirt?

  3. Joe you are responsible for that sweet t-shirt and it's my favorite t-shirt. If you want to add to my fave t-shirt collection I will gladly accept more. :)