Sunday, September 6, 2009

5K Baby!

I ran a 5K. Woo hoo! My partner in crime cancelled on me this morning due to illness and I ran the race solo. The race program was unorganized, started late, and had a crappy t-shirt but the path was easy to follow and I did it. From about the 2 mile mark on I was VERY tempted to walk but I kept thinking…you are almost there, keep going, then it will be over, and you can go home. I am such a great motivator! Jk When I saw the clock in the 29 minute range I started to sprint hoping I would get a time less than 30 minutes but didn’t make it. I started out in the back of the race so maybe I actually ran it under 30 minutes since I had to wait a bit to start (yes, I am being psycho)? In two weeks I am running another 5K for St. Francis Xavier School and my goal will be less than 30 minutes. Thanks for letting me brag. I am proud of myself. :)

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  1. You should be proud of yourself! That's an amazing accomplishment... both that you ran it and that you found some Christi time.