Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Big Hole...

It's not a good feeling when you get home and notice that your panties have been on display. After a long day of being out and about I returned home and patted the back of my skirt and noticed something...I can feel my booty. Please NO I thought and ran to the mirror in my room to see how bad it was. There was a big hole in the back seam of my skirt. Ughh. I was at the park with 3 friends, let’s call them Abbi, Liz and Melissa, and none of them mentioned the big gaping hole in my seam. I am reworking my will as we speak!

Project Jimmy Drink came to a halt today because Jimmy had a fever. I think that may have been why he wasn’t fighting me as much yesterday. He was feeling ill, poor guy. I am not 100% sure but I think his first tooth broke through today (top, middle on the right). I just tried to feel it and couldn’t find it but gums are known to shift around so I will clarify tomorrow if the tooth is there or not.


  1. I stand by my statement...
    I saw London, I saw France, but I DID NOT see Christi's underpants!

  2. The same thing happened to me in junior high, but it was a slit all the way up the front side of my skirt. I feel your pain!

    A big hug and high five to Jimmy for his first little chopper!

  3. At least you're a hot mom and can pull that look off!

    -a friend definitely not named Melissa

  4. you guys totally made me laugh out loud! love it and it was totally worth a little embarrassment.