Friday, September 11, 2009


This morning I told Isa she needed to wear red for school today and to go find something. She managed to remove just about every piece of clothing from her dresser searching for anything that was red. She hoped a few of her hot pink items would pass but I didn’t let her get away with that. She actually owns only 3 solid red pieces, two long sleeve shirts and a red dress. She opted for the red dress.

Jimmy is having such a rough day. I had to wake him from his nap to pick up Isa and he was so mad. I might have that problem solved though by having Isa eat lunch at school. So many kind mommies have offered to pick Isa up and drop her off at home but I just think that if I call he will wake up in time so then I don’t call.

Still no tooth but I really think it’s just under the gums. My mother in law got a spoon and tapped it around listening for a clink but heard nothing.

I let Isa make chocolate chip/M&M cookies today. We made them big and added more chocolate chips and M&Ms than the recipe called for…sometimes more really is more (in an absolutely delicious way).


  1. The teething can be so...not really frustrating but just tantalizing. We have thought 100 times that Bobby's top teeth were coming in and got nothing. Then, 2 weeks ago two of them showed up when thought nothing was happening.

    I like that you let Isa make a mess in the kitchen. That's so much fun! Anne

  2. I like a cook who isn't afraid of getting messy!