Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day 2

Today was day two in Project Jimmy Drink. I am failing miserably at putting the sippy cup in his mouth every 10 minutes but it’s still more than usual and sometimes he doesn’t reject the cup. I am nervous that he is just giving up his fight. But, maybe this is a fight he should give up? Arrr. I hope this doesn’t scar him for life.

I am taking psychology 101 and it is putting bad ideas in my head and I am barely past page 10 of my textbook. Why must I learn about all the dead psychologist? Do they really care if I know their names or not? I feel like I am reading competitive obituaries from the early 1900s. He founded X and was great. He founded Y, rejected X and was greater…etc etc.

I want Jimmy to stop rejecting the cup because he is figuring it out and not because I am evil and forcing him to do these crazy exercises that are making him miserable. Being a parent is hard.


  1. though I LOVE all the behaviorists (skinner, pavlov, etc.) maybe best to not read about Watson and the "little Albert" project just yet ;o)

  2. PS: keep up the great work!! Jimmy loves his mama and he will get the whole sippy cup thing. I'm sure you've tried every cup on the market but I've heard Nuby brand is good for those not so eager to sip.

  3. thanks janet. i still haven't read anything about little albert but you have peaked my interest.
    and thanks for the nuby brand tip.