Friday, September 18, 2009

Earlier this week my mother in law, Jo, was telling me that my niece, Olivia, walks to and from school. I was pretty impressed as Olivia is only 4 and it's about a mile from her house to her school. I decided that Isa was capable of walking as well. She FREAKS when we make her walk down the block so I knew it would be a challenge but one that she can do. It is approximately .7 miles from Isa's school to our house. On Wednesday Isa started crying right away. I want to go in the stroller. Where is the car mommy? Every block there was at least one break down. Today, however, after she realized there was no car or stroller, she started walking. We counted 5 fire hydrants, kicked leaves, saw a house being kinged, and a street cleaner cleaning an alley. Oh and she peed by a tree along the way. Afterwards Isa asked if anyone saw us. She knows we have to keep it on the DL. Way to go Isa! Jimmy had fun in the ergo as well.

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