Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fleet Foxes

One thing I really like about Marc is he reads reviews about everything from TV shows, plays, music, movies, books etc. He tends to be up on the latest and greatest. I don’t know if he learned about Fleet Foxes that way but this morning Marc selected a few of their songs to play on our sound system that he set up. In my rush to get ready for the morning I noted that I really liked what I was hearing. This afternoon I went on ITunes to see what he had played and it was Fleet Foxes. I played it while Isa and I mopped the floor. Great tunes. Thanks Marc!

From Wikipedia:
Fleet Foxes is a five-piece Seattle-based band signed to Sub Pop and Bella Union. The band came to prominence in 2008 with the release of their second EP, Sun Giant, and their debut full length album Fleet Foxes. Both Sun Giant and their eponymous debut album received much critical praise and reviewers often noted their use of refined lyrics and vocal harmonies. The quintet describes its music as "baroque harmonic pop jams".

Tonight I made rice/chicken goulash. Isa told me she really liked dinner. Gotta love it. We listened to Fleet Foxes while we goes well with getting ready, cleaning, and dinner. Now it's time to turn off the music and study. boo


  1. So what's your fave FF song? Mine's "Myknonos."

  2. That's tough for me to answer. I think it's 1) Tiger Mountain Peasant Song 2)White Winter Hymnal and pretty much every other song in the album. From the album Sun Giant I think Mykonos is my fave.

  3. We saw them at Lolla..the day that it pured rain...still FANTASTIC!! Miss you!!