Thursday, September 3, 2009

Friends of the Orphans

So tonight Marc and I went out and had pancakes with the president of Friends of the Orphans. It was a nice evening and there was no direct ask for money. Thank God. How awkward. We were really involved and have sort of put them off to the side since having Jimmy. It is a great organization though and I would like to get involved again. Friends of the Orphans funds the orphanage that Marc and I met at in Mexico. We both volunteered for a year at Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos (Our Little Brothers and Sisters) in Miacatlan, Mexico.

I remember when I first saw Marc and thought, yes, he could be the one. We met in Cuernavaca. That night everyone had drinks together and by the next day I was totally infatuated. My mom was there with my youngest brother Luke and I purposely made sure my mom and my brother met him just in case he knocked me up ;)

For three months I literally would go back to my bed and think oh he totally likes me and then the next night I would think no he just thinks of me as a friend. It was crazy. Everyone would make jokes about when we would hook up and that gave me encouragement but Marc played the I don’t care one way or the other part so well that I was never sure where I stood with him. One day my friend Shannon came up and told me she and Marc were going to Acapulco. I was so jealous and wanted to go so badly. I didn’t have any money and they were leaving in a few days and I thought how am I going to get on that bus. I called the old faithful padres and sure enough money was in my account the next day. Thanks Mom and Dad! The three of us went to a little town just North of Acapulco called Pie de la Cuesta. We stayed at a small hotel with a bar and restaurant and proceeded to eat and drink (mostly drink). It was a great time and Marc and I drank to the wee hours of the morning until he FINALLY kissed me. I mean come on already. He should know I like to get my sleep. It was a pretty awesome morning and we have been together ever since.

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