Thursday, September 24, 2009

I love to sleep!

Don't let that smile fool you!

Jimmy woke me up at 5:30am this morning. He out-peed his diaper and his jammies were wet. I changed him, nursed him, and put him back into bed. The whole time I was thinking about sleep and how all I wanted in the whole world was to get more of it. Thirty minutes later Jimmy was screaming. I hoped this time Marc would get up but he didn’t and I finally went to the poor child. I guessed poop but it wasn’t poop just hunger. Isa thought 6am was a good wake up time too. All three of us ate and once again the whole time I was thinking of how much I wanted to get back into bed. After we were all fed I put Isa in front of the TV and Jimmy in the swing and got back into bed. A short time later Isa somehow managed to turn off the TV. ARRRG! Marc got up that time and turned it back on. I thought if I could just get 10 more minutes I would get up but it didn’t happen. Less than 10 minutes later I finally gave up and got dressed. Thank God for caffeine.

My friend is having a baby today. Woo hoo! Another friend has puking children and an out of town husband. While yet another friend has cankles. One relative got an internship she was hoping for. Another rearranged her furniture and then put it back again. And, there will be a movie in the yard part 2. I learned all of the above on Facebook today. I love Facebook. Actually, I didn’t learn about the internship on Facebook but the other stuff I did.

If only I could get a nap…


  1. Bobby has that drum! Maybe they can duet? Anne

  2. Please tell me they at least napped during the day??? Ugh, I am soooo not a morning person, I don't know how you do it!


  3. jimmy would love to drum with bobby.

    come on Melissa, you know isa does not nap...EVER! I so wish.