Wednesday, September 2, 2009


To start Isa’s story I have to give you a little pre-Isa history. I was pregnant, went to the doctor, was told there was no heartbeat, waited, did not miscarry naturally and eventually had a D&C. It was crappy but the loss of that pregnancy affected me a lot more during my second pregnancy. First, I decided that it would be harder to get pregnant, (just craziness there) and two, that how can I have faith that it will end well when the first one didn’t. I think it was about 6 months later that I was pregnant again (with Isa) and the entire time I was sure it was going to end. I had nightmares that I delivered a dead baby and woke up crying. I was a little obsessive but the first one ended so who can really say that the second one wouldn't. I hated it when people told me not to worry. I wanted to shout, you don’t know the future. But everyone was right, everything was fine, except for the fact that I felt like shit, had gestational diabetes and couldn't eat sugar, and went past my due date. We decided not to find out the sex of Isa and when Isa was born we barely cared that she was a girl. We were just glad that the birth was over and that we had a name ready.

I tell you all that because although Isa is a firecracker, eager beaver, and will hold on for dear life to any toy she deems hers, she is extremely cautious and afraid of most physical things. I blame myself. Maybe if I didn’t hate all those folks who told me not to worry Isa would walk in the water to a depth beyond her ankles or let me push her on the swing. But, she doesn’t and in some ways it’s nice because it’s easier to watch her at the park or pool.

After she was born we sent her to the nurses to care for her hoping we could get a few hours of sleep. Shortly after we sent her away they sent Isa back. She was crying too much. Marc and I were dumbfounded. We thought the nurses had magic powers and could soothe our little one. She was not diagnosed as colicky but she cried a lot during her first year of life. She still cries a lot but she has improved exponentially. She was held for the first year of her life. It was the only way to get her to be quiet. Or, at least, that is how I remember it. I think there were a few good times in there too!

After Isa turned one she started watching TV and life became easy! She loved Baby Signing Time. She learned how to sign so many words and I was able to take showers again. Her eyes were glued to the TV for 30 minutes straight and as soon as it was over she asked to watch it again. Then she would cry when I said no.

She is currently in preschool. I will post a pic of her first day of school and some cutie baby pics too.

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  1. I think we should start a new FB group... "women who hate women who claim to love being pregnant". Bunch of liars!