Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My in-laws are the best!

Isa in the waiting room.
blue tongue
yummy blue ice cream

Thank God for In-Laws. I was blessed with the best ones and that includes everyone. Marc’s entire family is great. Today they helped me out above and beyond the call of duty. Isa fell at the gym. The story is sketchy but it has something to do with a rocking horse and a race car. The end result is Isa fell on her chin and had a pretty big slice going from one side to the other and it was fairly deep. We left immediately and went to the pediatrician’s office and they sent us to the ER for stitches. Why don’t they do stitches? It was a long process and I didn’t have food for Jimmy and thankfully Aunt Tessa and Papa Jeph came to the rescue. They brought food for Jimmy, stuff animal friends, Lion King the movie with a laptop, and then when we went back for the actual stitches they took Jimmy home with them so I could have both arms around Isa. Not that I needed both arms because they wrapped Isa in a mummy type contraction so she wouldn’t be able to move. That produced screams until the doctor was finished putting in 6 stitches. Not that it's funny to see your child in distress but she kept screaming, GET ME OUT OF HERE, and the doctor kept asking her what kind of ice cream she was going to get and Isa yelled, CHOCOLATE with a tone of pure hate and annoyance. That made everyone in the room laugh. As soon as she was out of the mummy suit she was nice to the doctors and nurses. They gave her lots of presents like blue gloves, a blue glove blown up into a balloon, crayons and a coloring book. Afterwards, we went to get some yummy ice cream. Isa picked this bright blue ice cream and I have to say it was pretty good. Then we went to pick up Jimmy who had the best time playing with Aunt Tessa. Thank you very much Aunt Tessa and Papa Jeph!


  1. Oh!! You often wonder through that whole process if it is worse for you having to watch that little mummy contraption work, or them having to be in it. I had to leave the room when it came time for that with M. Daddy stayed with him...of course. I'm so glad Isa is not worse for wear...other than that blue tongue. It is a scary thing and I'm glad you had family in town to help! Please know that if you can't ever get a hold of them...you have my number too.

  2. Thanks Abbi! And, vice versa, if you ever need a hand. I will have to go through your blog and do some research on what happened to M.

  3. I'm happy to hear that Isa is on the mend. I laughed aloud when I heard that her angry tone included the response to what kind of ice cream she was going to eat!


  4. I would have gone for Chocolate, myself... something with hug gooey ribbens of fudge BUT I DIGRESS...
    I'm glad Isa survived. I love your SWAT team with Disney products