Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Psych Test #1

I have been playing doctor and I am definitely not one but I am desperately trying to avoid another trip to the pediatrician’s office. Jimmy has an outie belly button and it was inflamed on the inside and looked like there was a zit in it but soft. I used one of the thousands of creams I have collected and it seems to be working. It has shrunk quite a bit in size. I really hope it’s gone tomorrow.

Jimmy is still scooting! He generally only does one scoot and then gets mad at you for not helping him out. I have been ignoring that though and forcing a little more tummy time. I see all the signs of crawling and he just needs to be a bit stronger and he will be roaming the house.

Today I took the first of 4 psychology tests. I feel good about it although I know I flubbed up 3 things. I mixed up two psychologists (god forbid right!) and totally drowned trying to explain Weber’s law. It’s one of those laws that make sense when I read it but trying to explain it ha ha ha…I think the professor will just laugh. It’s all the right words just completely messed up in some meaningless order. Hopefully I still come out with an A.

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