Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 1, 2009

Jimmy is snotty which means I was up numerous times last night. I finally put him in the swing that I almost took down yesterday thinking I never use it. Thank God I didn’t. The swing gave me a few hours of sleep. Right now I am debating if naptime should occur ASAP or if I should push it back a tad. Decisions, decisions. I don’t know if I have the time to blog but I would like to try. I always mean to write down certain milestones to record in their baby books later but never do. Maybe I can record a few on here so that if I ever work on my albums I can reference when things happened.

Maybe I should back up. Isa is 3, born April 2006 and Jimmy is 14 months, born in June of 2008 and I am Christi and was born in 1977, which, makes me 31. Isa was born making noise and hasn’t stopped. We love her to death but also love to have breaks from her. Jimmy is the opposite. He is the easiest boy in the world to take care of (with the exception of last night). It makes me wonder if I will have more kids because if he or she is not like Jimmy I am not sure I can handle it. Plus, I hate being pregnant, but that is a whole other blog in and of itself.

Isa is typical. She is in preschool and loves it. She is eager and (actually just interrupted me to tell me that the glue fell on the floor and she is sorry about that) a joy to be around. The funny thing is she told me the whole glue story while looking at herself in the mirror.

The first thing the doctor told us as Jimmy was exiting my body was he’s a redhead. And, he is, a fire engine redhead that looks orange to me. I have always wondered why they are called redheads when it’s obviously orange hair. Maybe I am colorblind. The next thing we learned is that he may have some chromosomal abnormalities. When I asked what that meant I was told to feel blessed that we have a beautiful boy. 24 hours later a nurse came in and said that since Jimmy has downs we are going to do an echo of his heart. Finally it was spoken out loud and pretty much a non-issue ever since. He has very low muscle tone and that is the big thing we deal with everyday. I just left him in the excer-saucer so I could jot this down and he is starting to get peeved. I will return later…

…about 30 minutes later. Jimmy is napping.

Jimmy is getting stronger everyday but it’s a slow process. He has just started pivoting at 14 months and started sitting for short periods of time right before he turned one. He can now sit for 20-30 minutes at a time. Such a cutie boy. The low-tone really affects his ability to eat and drink. He can eat pureed foods like a pro now but still refuses liquids no matter what form the plastic container is in. Lately, I have noticed that I tell people that he is low tone versus he has down syndrome just because I don’t think it needs to come up in every conversation and everyone knows he has it.

I feel a little scatter brained at the moment. I will try and not jump around so much in the future.

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  1. I think Christi Harrison is the best. I just want to write down somewhere how Isa decided to tell a story to me and, in order to do that, she put on some nemo themed sunglasses, picked up a book (Fear and Trembling - Kierkegaard - my book, but not one I've put on her reading list or anything), held it upside down, opened it and started to tell a story about how a sheep got its hump by saying "humph" and chewing on sticks. The next story was about how a little girl wanted to make "nemnade" in the nighttime, but her mama told her to go to bed. The girl made nemnade anyway and then everybody was happy. I'm just sure that I will forge these things if I don't write them down.

  2. You guys are too cute! Nice pics too! Love your pink and brown sassy blog!

  3. As your resident color blind friend, I am here to tell you that Jimmy's hair is definitely red... which I guess means it's probably orange.

    McFire's mama

  4. Jeff rivals Jimmy in being the easiest baby ever. I also could not have another, for many reasons, because what would I do if s/he was not as easy as him. He spoils me! His twin sister makes up for it!

    I love your blog and I love that you are doing it so I can keep up with you from wherever I am living!