Friday, September 4, 2009


This morning Isa woke up freaking out that her pee pee hurts. Every time she had to pee she said her pee was hurting her bottom. I thought, oh no, she has a urinary tract infection. This morning we went to the doctor and while we were there she told all the nurses that her pee pee hurts. The nurse asked her to pee in a cup and then gave Isa some water to drink. Every time we went to the bathroom Isa screamed and refused to pee. We walked in and out of that bathroom 10 times at least. The doctor saw Isa and said that she can’t prescribe anything until Isa pees in the cup. I thought GREAT…this will be fun. I tried for another 10 minutes or so and nothing. I went and found the doctor and pleaded with her to just give us some drugs and let us be on our way. She said NO. I asked her if I could speak with our regular doctor. She said, of course, he will be in at 10 (an hour away) but that he will say the same thing. I told Isa as I have been telling her all morning; she won’t get any medicine until she pees in the cup. We try one more time and low and behold a ton of pee comes out. Now to the interesting part, according to the dip test, Isa does not have an infection but she gave me a prescription anyways??? She told me to start her on the antibiotics and to call on Sunday and at that time she would tell me if I should continue with the meds or not based on a more thorough test. I get that Doctors shouldn’t be handing out meds left and right but to keep me in the office for an hour trying to get her to pee and then to just hand over the prescription afterwards when she doesn’t have an infection is confusing to me. What if Isa never peed? She peed a little in her pants while we were there and she could have easily peed the rest out that way. Would that have meant no prescription? Hmmm.


  1. What the heck!? That doctor doesn't make any sense... Well, I hope the medicine works anyway.

  2. same thing happened to Lauren a year ago... except she never peed at the dr's office... We didn't need any antibiotics... just give Isa a baking soda bath 2-3 times a day, and give her cranberry juice, and feed her asparagus if she will eat it... These natural remedies will knock it out! no need for antibiotics again!! ;)