Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

My cowboy and butterfly!
Now Ladies...hold your horses.

Jimmy's BFF, Bobby, stopped by to trick or treat.
The Dinosaur/Dragon and Woody make a great team.

This was the best pic I got of Isa tonight. She had soooo much fun!

My little cowboy!

Friday, October 30, 2009

The day before Halloween.

Isa with a big kid at her school costume parade.
Isa playing musical pads.
A clean Cinderella right after her bath.
Jimmy is so happy that Daddy is home.
The sky from my front porch around 5:45pm.

Hmmm, where to start. Last night Jimmy had a very rough time. Daddy’s magic only lasted a short time and so it went until 1:30am till either: Marc and I conked out so hard that we just didn’t wake up to Jimmy’s screams, or Jimmy’s tummy finally gave him a break and he slept till this morning. He’s been perfectly fine all day so I’m guessing he just ate something that didn’t sit well and gave him a bellyache.

At Isa’s school there was a costume parade. It was raining a little but it was awesome all the same. Isa was looking and looking for me. She was so happy when she saw me. Isa was a cutie pink butterfly. The loot she got from school today is giving me a bellyache. You would think that I know better, and I do, but I just can’t stop myself.

This afternoon at the EAC Halloween party Isa changed it up and was Cinderella. They played musical pads and Isa won. It was very fun to watch...her win was just plain ol destiny. She was so into dancing as she slowly walked in the circle that she always had a few pads in front of her to choose from when the music stopped. Smart girl!

Tomorrow is Halloween. I wonder if it’s too late to come up with a costume for me. Ideas?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Jacob!

Jacob with Jimmy last May before he left to volunteer at an orphanage in the Dominican Republic. Keep up the great work Jake-o!
I begged Isa to decorate this but all she wanted to do was glue popsicle sticks together. You can't force creativity, it comes when it comes, and after 8am hers was pretty much gone.

I was telling Isa to get her socks and shoes on so she could ride her trike to Papa’s house and she said, “no way, we have to take the car, it’s too far,” and on and on and on she went. I explained to her that we need to leave the car at the house so Daddy can drive it over and she said, “no Daddy needs to walk, he needs exercise.” I thought that was very funny. She ended up riding her trike and having a great time.

It is 9:30pm and Jimmy is still awake. He is so tired but something isn’t right. He threw up dinner and is snotty. My poor little man…I hope he feels better tomorrow. I think Marc worked some magic and he's out and I hope he's out for the night. Please!...for his sake;)

Happy Birthday Younger Bro! 29, you are such an oldie now Jacob! I can’t wait to visit you in the DR but I will actually see you in SA first, so till then.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Googly Eyes!

fun with glitter.

pink and black eyed guy.

I think Jimmy's up to something!

Can you see Jimmy smiling it up in the back ground? Isa loves to glue!

Isa and Jimmy turkey hands.

I picked up Isa from school and told her that we have to go back to the house so I can tell the guys there something and then we are going to the project store so we can get more paper, markers and glitter. She responded, “Ok, I will wait in the car while you talk to the guys and then we go to the project store.” I was amazed at how well she responded and got what I was asking of her. She is really showing me that she understands what I am saying which is sooooo nice. Way to go Isa!

Later we made hand turkeys. (good idea Anne!) and then I let Isa’s creativity take her wherever it may lead. She made some cool people with googly-eyes. It was all fun and games till she swallowed one (a googly eye). She was FREAKING out so much that I called the doctor and then took her to the doctor just to be told it would pass. Maybe they didn’t get my question, “should I bring her in or will it just pass?” $25.00 later and about 25 minutes later (which was really good actually) we were back home gluing some more.

A friend sent me a link to a parenting magazine that wants photos of children under 12 with down syndrome. I can never pick just one. These are the photos I sent of my cutie Jimmy!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cinnamon Bread!

Yummy cinnamon bread. Thank You!

front and back of turkey
cross eyed turkey

Isa took this pic of Jimmy.

She took this pic of me too. I wonder if this is how she thinks of me? (I was making a silly face, I was not actually angry or mad or anything like that!)

You know it’s a good day when you come home and Isa and your babysitter have fresh cinnamon bread sitting on your table. It was yummy in the tummy and there was not a drop of flour anywhere. Love my sitter.

I spent sometime reading about Freud today and some of his ideas. It’s not hard to imagine why he stuck out then and remains talked about today.

This afternoon Isa and I made turkeys. A tad early yes, but you have to go with inspiration when you have it. I was inspired by the Paper Source catalog. I saw a turkey on the back cover and thought Isa and I can totally do that.

Today at playgroup we talked about Mexican food and I was hungry so I went from making egg salad sandwiches for dinner to making bean and cheese quesadillas with some avocado on top. They were simple, good, and satisfying.

A day at home.

Isa decorating pumpkins with shapes!
Our beautiful 6 pumpkins
Isa displaying our yummy cookies.

I just wanted to throw in a cute one of Jimmy. He was napping during all of that fun.

On Saturday we went to a birthday party and Isa and Jimmy both got goodie bags. In the bags were these fruit snacks. When Isa woke up on Sunday that was the first thing she asked for and while she was eating them she said, “Jimmy doesn’t have any teeth, right?.” Me, “No, Jimmy doesn’t have any teeth.” Isa, “So I can eat his jelly beans?” That is what she calls the fruit snacks.

Yesterday we stayed home all day. We had the snot/cough combo and I didn’t want to freak other parents out with our presence. We made some cookies and decorated lots of pumpkins.

Last night I had the rare opportunity to live it up with my sister in law after a sad change of plans. Thanks Tessa, you make me feel so young and fun and cool and lots of wonderful things!

LOOKING FOR A JOB TOTALLY SUCKS! I feel for all of you out there going through that horrible process. Trying to prove to some random person that you are worthy and then being turned down is just crap. I pray that wonderful jobs come along for all of you searching out there.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sleep Over, Day 2.

Fall Fest at SFX.
Olivia and Isa in the bounce house.

This was the best...when they were in one spot eating popcorn!

The two of them being cuties pies playing computer together.

There were times when I was so glad that Olivia was over and watching the girls play together just warmed my heart. Then, there were these other times, when I wanted to drop-kick both of them. Like the time when they were still awake at 10pm. ;) They were mostly great though…something like 80/20, good versus totally annoying. What Olivia had Isa wanted and vice versa. It was the never ending whine of, “she’s not sharing.” The other 80% of the time they were super sweet. Isa showed Olivia some cool games on her computer and they sang into the microphone together. They took turns with costumes and did art projects together. Olivia made a super cute ghost and decorated it with glue, stickers, markers, ribbons…everyway you can imagine decorating something she did and then she gave it to Isa. Awwww! When they parted they both broke down in tears. I bet that had something to do with their bedtime but I like to think it’s the love they share with one another.
Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!! My mom is 42
(yes, she had me when she was 10)!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sleep over!...the word sleep is in that phrase...hmmm?

Oliva and Isa watching Lady and the Tramp.
Party time on Olivia's bed.
Jimmy rockin out!
Trio band with Agatha on the egg shaker, Alistair on the moraca, and Jimmy on the egg shaker!
Jimmy drumming with the red and yellow marker!

Tonight Isa is having her first sleep over with her cousin Olivia. It really seemed like the girls were exhausted but apparently they aren’t. I laid down with them for 30 minutes and it was like their energy was building up instead of slowing down and I have to admit that it was building up for me too. I looked up at them and all three of us started giggling. I thought the movie Lady in the Tramp would be a good, going to bed type of movie, we will see! Maybe Marc will be home before the movie ends and he can sing them to sleep. I have to say they look super cute right now with their blankets and stuffed animals snuggled on the couch.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


One of the kids in Isa’s class turned 4 and had a birthday party at Pump it Up in Glenview. My mother in law, Jo, watched Jimmy so Isa and I could have some fun together. Isa and I went on this one slide like 10 times in a row and I swear that it was a serious workout. I was so hot. But, it was fun, and then Isa kept asking me to do the other stuff so I just pretended that she was scared, and was like, OK I'll go with you! Then we had cake and pizza. Yummy!

I just asked Isa if I could cut her fingernails and she was like, “yes and then can I paint them,” and I was like, “sure.” So I cut her nails and the whole time she was like, “don’t cut my baby toe.” As If! Then she painted her own nails, hands and feet, with 3 different colors. The colors don’t really matter because they were just sparkly, barely tinted, fingernail polishes, but to her they were 3 distinct colors. Then after finishing she ran to the fan to let them dry. I did not teach her that trick…Grandmas? Aunts?

I wonder how many times I used "like" in this post. It’s really on the brain and I’m tired too.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nacho Man!

Jimmy was such a cutie today. He did great in occupational therapy. One thing the therapist did was try to get him to shake two rattles at the same time. He did it and with lots of enthusiasm. Later, I used the camera to entice him to scoot forward. He loves the string handle on the camera. The only problem is once he reaches it I have to take it away because he wants to put the camera in his mouth.

This afternoon we spent a long time outside as it was the perfect fall day. We checked out everyone’s Halloween decorations and Isa continued to master her amazing tricycle skills…she can take very tight turns at amazing speeds. It scares me a little.

Tonight we had tacos for dinner made with some special adobe seasoning. I think it’s perfecto! Writing that makes me want to sing, Nacho, Nacho Man,... I want to be your Nacho Man! I hope you don't get that song stuck in your head!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Jimmy!

Oh Happy Jimmy, Jim, Jim, Jim… Jimmy has been going crazy lately…all he wants is to eat our food. I have been giving in even though eating dry food dehydrates him. Today I soaked some bread in a pureed lentil soup. He liked it ok. I tried many times to give him water and he did drink a few sips but not for the camera. The best thing that happened for Jimmy today was he got to use a bathtub chair while taking a bath. It was so amazing. For the first time I didn’t have to hold him the entire time. He would die instantly by drowning if I didn’t hold him the entire time. He is the slipperiest boy in the world. This bathtub chair means I can grab a towel, reach for a different soap, or grab the camera. He had the best time ever. He was splashing away. I normally take him out quickly because you can only be in a squat position, leaning over the tub for so long, but today he got a long bath. And, I was able to clean Isa too. It’s wonderful and I bought it at Hand Me Downs on Dempster for $4.00. Woo hoo!
Isa's story translation: Once upon a time there was a little fox. Was green and had purple teeth and said, "Mommy, how I have purple teeth? and I want to get it white." The story goes on and eventually the green fox's purple teeth turn white.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Isa and I were having a snack and talking about what she did in school. At one point she got excited and made a loud noise. Then, like she had just realized something, whispered, “Is Jimmy sleeping?” I said, “No, he is just playing.” Isa- “Jimmy is not napping; he is playing, so I can make noise?” I said, “Yes.” She then made the weirdest sounds ever. She was so happy to not be quiet.


Today at the mall it was like everywhere I looked there was outrageous stuff going on. First, a boy, about 4 maybe a tiny 5 year old, asked his mom if he could climb the tree, and she said yes. That was the first time I whirled my head around to witness who this mother was (tall, skinny, fashionable…just a quick description!). Then the boy spotted a bird’s nest and told his mom about it. He asked her if he could take a look, mind you the nest was at the tip top of the tree, and she said sure, why not. Not two minutes later, two security guys came over and asked the boy to get down. The boy was visibly shaken up about this and after he finally made it to the bottom he went and told her about it. She replied, “Son, they are worried for insurance purposes, once they leave, you can climb back up the tree.” Second whirl. The boy then asked if he could have some Godiva chocolate and she thought that was a good idea and they left. WHAT? I think trees should be climbed but not at the mall and for a 4 or 5 year old some supervision would be nice. She was reading some magazine and either did not notice or pretended not to notice when the security guys came.

Second, when did the cheapest item in Pottery Kids become like $60.00? I was astonished at the prices in that place? I can’t believe a plastic register that weighs about as much as a quarter was 60 bones. I guess I will be buying Christmas presents from the rummage sale!

Lastly, (non-mall related outrageousness) Isa threw up right as I was putting her to bed. Poor thing. The good thing is she was blaming the chocolate milk. Maybe she won’t want it anymore?!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Yard Work!

Marc was/is/will be in the office all day. He has called me several times and I can tell he has no drive at the moment to do any work. He packed up all his things because they are moving to another building next week but I don’t think he’s done what he set out to do. Law work is so boring. I don’t know how Marc does it.

Isa and I spent some time raking the leaves and pulling out our carrots. The largest one is about the size of a baby carrot. I think a package of clean baby carrots in a bag cost less than the seeds. I will make a note of that next year.

The day ended with a great birthday party where we got fed and were able to wear out the kids. Both are asleep...well Jimmy is almost asleep. I hear him making some noise. His tummy might hurt after all the cake he ate. Jimmy actually tore my pizza out of my hands at the party. I was unprepared for the food takeover and got pizza everywhere. Luckily no one seemed to notice.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Didier Farm

Marc was pretty awesome today. He let me sleep in and made French toast for breakfast. He played with the kids while I reviewed my psychology notes. Then he took the kids to Didier Farm, where they have a pumpkin patch, pony rides, corn, hotdogs, tea cup merry go rounds and more. The listed items above are all the activities that Isa took part in. She ate an entire hotdog and corn. She rode a pony, and rode a teacup merry go round. I think she had a blast...oh and she won a stuffed snake and duck. Jimmy ate tons of Marc’s hotdog bun and smiled the entire time. When they were having a blast I was taking my test and I nailed it. No brainer. I got home before Marc and when he walked in the door alone I knew exactly what that meant…both kids were out cold in their car seats. I carried each one in and I swear pots could have been banging and neither of them would have woken up. While they slept, Marc and I watched the Texas/OU game and it was effin awesome! Texas won 16-13. Later, Isa and I used the new kitchenAid to make some yummy pumpkin bread. It was perfect as usual;). I was just about to start Sunshine Cleaning, the movie, when I remembered I did not write my post for today. Done! Now…Move time!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Texas Fight!

I woke up this morning to Yeah Yeah Yeahs song Zero. I went from being tied to the pillow to dancing around our table in a glorious mood. It was a wonderful way to be kicked out of bed!

Twas a very relaxing day. I did a little studying, a little cleaning, a little playing…pretty much a little of everything.

Isa: “Mom, I don’t have a big bed. Me either.” I laughed so then she said, "me either" a few more times…she told Marc later when he got home.

Attached is a movie for all you Texas fans out there. Enjoy! Please ignore the fact that Jimmy is wearing OU colors.