Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cinnamon Bread!

Yummy cinnamon bread. Thank You!

front and back of turkey
cross eyed turkey

Isa took this pic of Jimmy.

She took this pic of me too. I wonder if this is how she thinks of me? (I was making a silly face, I was not actually angry or mad or anything like that!)

You know it’s a good day when you come home and Isa and your babysitter have fresh cinnamon bread sitting on your table. It was yummy in the tummy and there was not a drop of flour anywhere. Love my sitter.

I spent sometime reading about Freud today and some of his ideas. It’s not hard to imagine why he stuck out then and remains talked about today.

This afternoon Isa and I made turkeys. A tad early yes, but you have to go with inspiration when you have it. I was inspired by the Paper Source catalog. I saw a turkey on the back cover and thought Isa and I can totally do that.

Today at playgroup we talked about Mexican food and I was hungry so I went from making egg salad sandwiches for dinner to making bean and cheese quesadillas with some avocado on top. They were simple, good, and satisfying.


  1. Your hands look all morphed in the photo Isa took. Crazy!

  2. I can't stop thinking about Mexican food!!!

  3. Don't forget hand turkeys! I want to make one with Bobby every year so that we can see how his hand size changes over time. We didn't do it last year so I'm determined to get it going this time around. I love hand turkeys. Anne