Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A day at home.

Isa decorating pumpkins with shapes!
Our beautiful 6 pumpkins
Isa displaying our yummy cookies.

I just wanted to throw in a cute one of Jimmy. He was napping during all of that fun.

On Saturday we went to a birthday party and Isa and Jimmy both got goodie bags. In the bags were these fruit snacks. When Isa woke up on Sunday that was the first thing she asked for and while she was eating them she said, “Jimmy doesn’t have any teeth, right?.” Me, “No, Jimmy doesn’t have any teeth.” Isa, “So I can eat his jelly beans?” That is what she calls the fruit snacks.

Yesterday we stayed home all day. We had the snot/cough combo and I didn’t want to freak other parents out with our presence. We made some cookies and decorated lots of pumpkins.

Last night I had the rare opportunity to live it up with my sister in law after a sad change of plans. Thanks Tessa, you make me feel so young and fun and cool and lots of wonderful things!

LOOKING FOR A JOB TOTALLY SUCKS! I feel for all of you out there going through that horrible process. Trying to prove to some random person that you are worthy and then being turned down is just crap. I pray that wonderful jobs come along for all of you searching out there.

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  1. glad you ladies had fun Monday :o)

    Here is a fun story to tell Isa if you want to make more pumpkins.

    hummm, blog won't let me copy a URL into the comments section so I'll add it to my name...maybe it'll work?!