Saturday, October 17, 2009

Didier Farm

Marc was pretty awesome today. He let me sleep in and made French toast for breakfast. He played with the kids while I reviewed my psychology notes. Then he took the kids to Didier Farm, where they have a pumpkin patch, pony rides, corn, hotdogs, tea cup merry go rounds and more. The listed items above are all the activities that Isa took part in. She ate an entire hotdog and corn. She rode a pony, and rode a teacup merry go round. I think she had a blast...oh and she won a stuffed snake and duck. Jimmy ate tons of Marc’s hotdog bun and smiled the entire time. When they were having a blast I was taking my test and I nailed it. No brainer. I got home before Marc and when he walked in the door alone I knew exactly what that meant…both kids were out cold in their car seats. I carried each one in and I swear pots could have been banging and neither of them would have woken up. While they slept, Marc and I watched the Texas/OU game and it was effin awesome! Texas won 16-13. Later, Isa and I used the new kitchenAid to make some yummy pumpkin bread. It was perfect as usual;). I was just about to start Sunshine Cleaning, the movie, when I remembered I did not write my post for today. Done! Now…Move time!


  1. Marc is awesome! Sounds like everyone had a great day!


  2. Sure, he was awesome--today. But what about all those other days? And where was my invitation? I like pumpkin patches. I also like pumpkin bread.

  3. he is awesome all the other days too but he tends to be at work and that isn't so interesting to talk least on here.

    you can half the second loaf of pumpkin bread, and we will make sure to call should we hit another pumpkin patch.

    ps blame mike and berenice for the lack of invite. they invited us!

  4. Don't worry Elvis, it was only "pretty" awesome anyway. That is not unqualified praise I'm getting. I think the clear implication is that there are many days of not quite as much awesomeness. I do what I can.