Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A feel good day!

Me and the geese and ducks.


Katie & Jack

Jack & Jimmy

I left Jimmy in Isa’s room on his tummy. I came back after brushing my teeth and getting dressed. I asked Isa why she still hadn’t put on her socks. She shrugged and then it dawned on me, Jimmy was sitting. I thought, did I leave Jimmy like that but I knew I didn’t. I specifically put him on his tummy. I asked Isa, did you help Jimmy sit? She looked at me like she wasn't sure which way to answer that question. I asked Jimmy if he sat up by himself and he smiled. There was a lot of doubt but I thought he must have sat up by himself.

Later in the morning I dropped Jimmy off to play with Papa Jeph while I went to meet with my professor. On the way there I received a text from Papa Jeph, Jimmy just sat up and I witnessed!. I was so happy and jealous. I nearly cried while driving. Then I wanted to know how did he do it, how many times, when will he do it again. I had to plead with Papa to get the answers!!!

At school I got great news from my professor. I got an A on my test and all the other work I had turned in so far. Wahoo.

Later in the day my friend Katie who lives an hour away devised a plan for us to meet halfway. We went to Flick Park in Glenview. It's a great playground and there is a pond with ducks and geese. Can I say, today is a feel good day?! Yup! Today is a feel good day!


  1. Wow! That is an amazing day. At least up to the point where Jimmy took the car for a joyride. Anne

  2. It WAS a feel good day! Happy to meet half way any day!