Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Googly Eyes!

fun with glitter.

pink and black eyed guy.

I think Jimmy's up to something!

Can you see Jimmy smiling it up in the back ground? Isa loves to glue!

Isa and Jimmy turkey hands.

I picked up Isa from school and told her that we have to go back to the house so I can tell the guys there something and then we are going to the project store so we can get more paper, markers and glitter. She responded, “Ok, I will wait in the car while you talk to the guys and then we go to the project store.” I was amazed at how well she responded and got what I was asking of her. She is really showing me that she understands what I am saying which is sooooo nice. Way to go Isa!

Later we made hand turkeys. (good idea Anne!) and then I let Isa’s creativity take her wherever it may lead. She made some cool people with googly-eyes. It was all fun and games till she swallowed one (a googly eye). She was FREAKING out so much that I called the doctor and then took her to the doctor just to be told it would pass. Maybe they didn’t get my question, “should I bring her in or will it just pass?” $25.00 later and about 25 minutes later (which was really good actually) we were back home gluing some more.

A friend sent me a link to a parenting magazine that wants photos of children under 12 with down syndrome. I can never pick just one. These are the photos I sent of my cutie Jimmy!


  1. I can't figure out how to get to the pics-but I think anything you send of Jimmy will be adorable. I can totally see him modeling. He's so cute and happy!

  2. Somehow I didn't see this post until today. You picked some really great Jimmy pictures. I wonder if you get some kind of notification that I made a comment.