Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Jacob!

Jacob with Jimmy last May before he left to volunteer at an orphanage in the Dominican Republic. Keep up the great work Jake-o!
I begged Isa to decorate this but all she wanted to do was glue popsicle sticks together. You can't force creativity, it comes when it comes, and after 8am hers was pretty much gone.

I was telling Isa to get her socks and shoes on so she could ride her trike to Papa’s house and she said, “no way, we have to take the car, it’s too far,” and on and on and on she went. I explained to her that we need to leave the car at the house so Daddy can drive it over and she said, “no Daddy needs to walk, he needs exercise.” I thought that was very funny. She ended up riding her trike and having a great time.

It is 9:30pm and Jimmy is still awake. He is so tired but something isn’t right. He threw up dinner and is snotty. My poor little man…I hope he feels better tomorrow. I think Marc worked some magic and he's out and I hope he's out for the night. Please!...for his sake;)

Happy Birthday Younger Bro! 29, you are such an oldie now Jacob! I can’t wait to visit you in the DR but I will actually see you in SA first, so till then.

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