Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Jimmy!

Oh Happy Jimmy, Jim, Jim, Jim… Jimmy has been going crazy lately…all he wants is to eat our food. I have been giving in even though eating dry food dehydrates him. Today I soaked some bread in a pureed lentil soup. He liked it ok. I tried many times to give him water and he did drink a few sips but not for the camera. The best thing that happened for Jimmy today was he got to use a bathtub chair while taking a bath. It was so amazing. For the first time I didn’t have to hold him the entire time. He would die instantly by drowning if I didn’t hold him the entire time. He is the slipperiest boy in the world. This bathtub chair means I can grab a towel, reach for a different soap, or grab the camera. He had the best time ever. He was splashing away. I normally take him out quickly because you can only be in a squat position, leaning over the tub for so long, but today he got a long bath. And, I was able to clean Isa too. It’s wonderful and I bought it at Hand Me Downs on Dempster for $4.00. Woo hoo!
Isa's story translation: Once upon a time there was a little fox. Was green and had purple teeth and said, "Mommy, how I have purple teeth? and I want to get it white." The story goes on and eventually the green fox's purple teeth turn white.

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  1. I want to hear more about the fox! Best story ever! Isa is the cutest kid ever. I miss her.