Sunday, October 4, 2009

Jimmy catching up on homework and Isa the detective!

Yes, I am sooooo cute. Please take my picture:) Jimmy checking out one of his toys. Isa closing the door so that Jimmy and I are alone in the dark room (hard to tell due to the flash). Isa in detective form!

The first thing Isa asked for this morning was her present. Yesterday on the way home from the farm we told Isa that we had a present for her. She didn’t get it last night because she fell asleep during the drive. This morning at 6am she got it: a flashlight. Something Marc purchased for the farm at a gas station. It was cheap in price and quality and will probably have a short Isa life. Today Isa had me close all the blinds and shut the door in her room so we could search for monsters because they only like the dark. Thankfully we didn’t find any.

Jimmy worked hard trying to master some skills. Skill 1, learn how to get into sitting position, skill 2, scoot, scoot and scoot, and skill 3, pass the ball. He can do #1 with the aid of a boppy pillow. Check out the video and #2 he can do but needs to up his stamina. He was in a good mood and worked very hard. He must have sat in the boppy pillow over 25 times (not in a row but throughout the day approx 6-10 times each) and scooted a lot too. Normally during physical therapy he gets really mad after turning 3 times and puts up a fight and today he didn’t put up a fight at all. In fact, he turned so fast a few times that he rolled out of the boppy pillow.

A good day in the Harrison household! Oh and did I mention that the Bears won? That means daddy is happy too!

This is a video of Jimmy turning. This is after he turned 3 or 4 times so he is getting tired but he still succeeded. He is such a pro!


  1. Jimmy, that is awesome! Good work, buddy! Isa, you can work for my detective agency any time!

  2. I love Jimmy's work ethic!

  3. I love that smile when he knows he's done good! Anne

  4. grandma Bebe thinks that is awesome! Pawpaw Mark saw it too. Jimmy is really getting big and progressing well! We miss seeing that! L,Mom