Tuesday, October 13, 2009

making friends

At playgroup today we talked about our 3 year old girls and how hard it is for them to make friends. It's amazing that personality really plays a role in who likes who in the beginning. Obviously, with time they see many things they like about a person, but upon first meeting, it's just as hard for them as us...or so it seems to me. Isa had a best friend, Lauren, who moved away to Canada. Those two were amazing together. They would break out in song with just a look in each other's eyes to get them started or scream for hours on end. They really enjoyed doing the same thing, the same way. Once they randomly ran into each other in the mall and they put on a song and dance performance for the passers-by. Now, when I ask Isa who she plays with at school she answers that she has no friends and that she plays by herself. When Marc asks her she always says that she played with Eloise (who does not go to her school.) I just think it's amazing how their personalities are so strong at such a young age and that it's hard for them to click with others. I can remember even now that it was around October that school became easier and new friends were more solid. Oh and don’t worry about Isa. She is a happy girl with lots of great friends and plays with a girl named Sophia at school (or so says her teacher). I hope to meet her one of these days!

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