Monday, October 5, 2009

Marc don't read this till tomorrow!

Today is the day before Marc’s birthday. Isa wants very much to make daddy a pink cake with flowers and trees with pumpkins on them. I hope America’s favorite Duncan Hines cake will suffice. We will be making some yummy Hershey’s cocoa frosting that is the best to slather on top.

We spent the afternoon at the mall buying clothes for Marc. He desperately needs them and I tried to get a good range of them from nice (meaning expensive) to horrible (meaning cheap) so that he could try on a lot of stuff. I am guessing that I, and I mean I, will be returning over half if not all of what I bought. I hope that he keeps the one shirt Isa picked out with no strong suggestions from myself. :)

After shopping Isa and Jimmy played on the dragon at the mall. Well Isa played and Jimmy flirted with the girls. They were enthralled with him and I know it’s because of his good looks that he got from yours truly!

Oh and Isa got a new dress. She was so excited. It's so funny how much she cares about getting new clothes and she is only 3. Scary times ahead. Tomorrow will be fun because birthdays are Isa’s favorite holiday and when Isa’s happy we are all happy!


  1. i love the first pic and how jimmy has his hand on isa's shoulder. cute! i do the same thing for rob clothes-wise. sounds like a productive day!

  2. In a couple of years that top picture will turn into Jimmy giving Isa rabbit ears. Happy Birthday Marc! Anne

  3. It's Phil's birthday tomorrow too!


  4. is this Old Orchard? Love the pictures! Give Jimmy hugs and kisses and tell Isa to keep SHOPPING!!! love you guys!!