Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Marc is 31!

I know the explanation is redundant but I thought it was cute.

Today is Marc's birthday and it started out with me going to bed at 1 am and waking at 5 am. I feel oddly alert right now but that could change at any moment. Today Isa and I made Marc a cake and Isa was in love with it. She was in the best mood the whole time and saying, Daddy is going to love it. It's such a beautiful cake. Were gonna put nem nems on it. On and on she went. She decorated the top with M&Ms. What could be better? Probably lots of things but Isa strongly believes that M&Ms are as good as they get.

Daddy came home early and we had a lovely dinner. He received all his gifts from Isa and then after lots of pestering we ate the cake. Sadly, it was a tad dry. I was feeding Jimmy when the timer went off and I waited about 2 minutes before going to retrieve it. It was good but not moist. Then we had a dance party. Both kids started to melt down so dance party abruptly ended and birthday fun was over. :( Maybe we will watch a movie or something. :)

Good news is I will be returning less than half of the items purchased.

It's so yummy, I gotta get my paws on it.


  1. Sounds like a great birthday! I'm sure Marc really enjoyed it...what's better than a birthday with your family? That's the only way I can get Andrew to get any new clothes too. Shop first...return later...

  2. Why didn't the birthday boy get a number card for his photo? Is he holding up his new pants because we are we to believe he has a corresponding 31-inch waist?