Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nacho Man!

Jimmy was such a cutie today. He did great in occupational therapy. One thing the therapist did was try to get him to shake two rattles at the same time. He did it and with lots of enthusiasm. Later, I used the camera to entice him to scoot forward. He loves the string handle on the camera. The only problem is once he reaches it I have to take it away because he wants to put the camera in his mouth.

This afternoon we spent a long time outside as it was the perfect fall day. We checked out everyone’s Halloween decorations and Isa continued to master her amazing tricycle skills…she can take very tight turns at amazing speeds. It scares me a little.

Tonight we had tacos for dinner made with some special adobe seasoning. I think it’s perfecto! Writing that makes me want to sing, Nacho, Nacho Man,... I want to be your Nacho Man! I hope you don't get that song stuck in your head!