Thursday, October 22, 2009


One of the kids in Isa’s class turned 4 and had a birthday party at Pump it Up in Glenview. My mother in law, Jo, watched Jimmy so Isa and I could have some fun together. Isa and I went on this one slide like 10 times in a row and I swear that it was a serious workout. I was so hot. But, it was fun, and then Isa kept asking me to do the other stuff so I just pretended that she was scared, and was like, OK I'll go with you! Then we had cake and pizza. Yummy!

I just asked Isa if I could cut her fingernails and she was like, “yes and then can I paint them,” and I was like, “sure.” So I cut her nails and the whole time she was like, “don’t cut my baby toe.” As If! Then she painted her own nails, hands and feet, with 3 different colors. The colors don’t really matter because they were just sparkly, barely tinted, fingernail polishes, but to her they were 3 distinct colors. Then after finishing she ran to the fan to let them dry. I did not teach her that trick…Grandmas? Aunts?

I wonder how many times I used "like" in this post. It’s really on the brain and I’m tired too.


  1. See... she has that innate "girly" know-how that I just don't have. Is it sad that I'm jealous of a three year old?

  2. Wow! Isa really looks like her momma to me in that first picture. You guys had a lot of fun today!

  3. I thought the same things about that first picture! Looks JUST like you! Sounds like a fun day!!