Thursday, October 8, 2009

Presents for Isa

This morning Isa told Marc, "you have to be my best friend, yes Daddy." Daddy said yes! Awww:) jk, I'm pissed.

Today at Dominick's there was a big display of Snow White dvds and of course I could not pass it up. Isa held it the whole time and talked about how great it was that we were gonna buy it (she did not tell me, however, that I was her new bestfriend). Then tonight daddy came home with two presents (explains everything!). One was an M&M dispenser. Probably the best present ever and the book Where the Wild Things Are. We read it tonight as a family. Jimmy and Isa were in heaven. Then daddy read, Daddy Hugs. Each page meant a hug for Isa and Jimmy. The best gift of all.

Jimmy is still a sitting up boy. His PT was in heaven today watching his new move. Tomorrow Jimmy will have a video swallow study done to see if anything is happening that would prevent him from drinking normally. He is still not drinking but one thing at a time, right?!

Tonight, Isa called Marc back into her bedroom after her stories and songs were all told and sung and told him "daddy, I got sompin I want to tell you." Then she said, "I get time out if I scream, yes daddy...but this is not screaming [blowing air like a silent whistle],'s the wind."

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