Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sleep Over, Day 2.

Fall Fest at SFX.
Olivia and Isa in the bounce house.

This was the best...when they were in one spot eating popcorn!

The two of them being cuties pies playing computer together.

There were times when I was so glad that Olivia was over and watching the girls play together just warmed my heart. Then, there were these other times, when I wanted to drop-kick both of them. Like the time when they were still awake at 10pm. ;) They were mostly great though…something like 80/20, good versus totally annoying. What Olivia had Isa wanted and vice versa. It was the never ending whine of, “she’s not sharing.” The other 80% of the time they were super sweet. Isa showed Olivia some cool games on her computer and they sang into the microphone together. They took turns with costumes and did art projects together. Olivia made a super cute ghost and decorated it with glue, stickers, markers, ribbons…everyway you can imagine decorating something she did and then she gave it to Isa. Awwww! When they parted they both broke down in tears. I bet that had something to do with their bedtime but I like to think it’s the love they share with one another.
Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!! My mom is 42
(yes, she had me when she was 10)!


  1. Seriously, some of the best times of my childhood was being with my cousins! She'll have those memories forever.

  2. Yay Aunt Christi! Olivia said she had so much fun and chattered on & on about popcorn, face painting and oatmeal. Thank you!! Let us know when we can return the favor :o)