Friday, October 23, 2009

Sleep over!...the word sleep is in that phrase...hmmm?

Oliva and Isa watching Lady and the Tramp.
Party time on Olivia's bed.
Jimmy rockin out!
Trio band with Agatha on the egg shaker, Alistair on the moraca, and Jimmy on the egg shaker!
Jimmy drumming with the red and yellow marker!

Tonight Isa is having her first sleep over with her cousin Olivia. It really seemed like the girls were exhausted but apparently they aren’t. I laid down with them for 30 minutes and it was like their energy was building up instead of slowing down and I have to admit that it was building up for me too. I looked up at them and all three of us started giggling. I thought the movie Lady in the Tramp would be a good, going to bed type of movie, we will see! Maybe Marc will be home before the movie ends and he can sing them to sleep. I have to say they look super cute right now with their blankets and stuffed animals snuggled on the couch.

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