Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stella's Farm

This morning we got up and started packing the car. We packed a tent, a ton of blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, pack-n-play, the works, and then we drove 2.5 hours to Stella’s Farm. It is a great place. With a cute, white frame house, a chicken coup, cows, tractor garage, vegetable garden, and pumpkin patch. We played all day. There was lunch, apple picking, cow feeding, a hayride, an art project, dinner and pumpkin picking. You can’t have more fun unless you actually camp. We decided at then end of the day to drive back. Jimmy was a bit fussy all day, it was cold, and there was something falling from the sky that was less than rain and more than a mist. I feel bad but there is nothing like your own bed. All that packing went to waste.

Isa had the absolute best time. Two of her best girlfriends, Eloise and Stella, played all day with her. They played babies, they danced, sat on the log pretending it was a train…this list goes on and on. The boys, Roman and Isaac, gave the girls a hard time just like all the older boys do to all the older girls. Roman excitedly asked Isa to sit by him during the hayride and then proceeded to hit her boot over and over again. That’s how it all starts. Scary!

It’s nice to be back.

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  1. Oh Christi... this is so familiar, start out with one plan, then presto change-o. Nothing wrong with that! I also love your vignette about Isa and Roman. It really is the way it all starts! ;)