Sunday, October 18, 2009

Yard Work!

Marc was/is/will be in the office all day. He has called me several times and I can tell he has no drive at the moment to do any work. He packed up all his things because they are moving to another building next week but I don’t think he’s done what he set out to do. Law work is so boring. I don’t know how Marc does it.

Isa and I spent some time raking the leaves and pulling out our carrots. The largest one is about the size of a baby carrot. I think a package of clean baby carrots in a bag cost less than the seeds. I will make a note of that next year.

The day ended with a great birthday party where we got fed and were able to wear out the kids. Both are asleep...well Jimmy is almost asleep. I hear him making some noise. His tummy might hurt after all the cake he ate. Jimmy actually tore my pizza out of my hands at the party. I was unprepared for the food takeover and got pizza everywhere. Luckily no one seemed to notice.

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