Saturday, November 28, 2009

Anniversary Party

my two handsome men!

Isa in her new dress.

Bebe and Mark celebrating 35 years together!

Marc reading to all the kids.

Marc, me, Jacob, Jess, Luke, Lisa and Jonny...all the party planners minus Nathan and Leticia.

the best little suit ever. Thank you Anne and Valerie!

There are little girls that are sent from heaven above to help you and Alyssa was sent to help me. She is a 7 year old from Houston, who came to the party to keep her grandma company, and she played with Isa the entire time. She read her 10 books (I asked and she counted them), she taught all the kids how to dig up rolly pollies, and she colored with Isa. She was the best sitter we ever had. She was amazing. On top of that, Jimmy fell asleep during the party and was out for two hours at least, so it was as if I was kidless. That can be a great feeling sometimes. The party went smoothly...between my four brothers, sister in law, two girl friends, and family friends, the party was beautifully done without anyone feeling overwhelmed. Now I am happy to be off my feet. Congratulations Mom and Dad! 35 years of marriage is quite a feat. I will post photos later;)

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