Tuesday, November 17, 2009

but, they are thirsty mommy!

For the last half hour or so I have been listening to Isa’s pounding footsteps walking around her room chatting up all her dolls. I poked my head in on my way to the kitchen and Isa told me that her princesses keep asking for milk, water and juice and they won’t go to sleep. I gave her a look like it’s bedtime and she sat there like a little lawyer and said her princesses are hungry and she has to give them food. "They just keep asking me mommy!" I told her to tell her princesses that it’s bedtime and no more food or drinks. She did! But, I can hear her right now talking them up. I might have to make another stroll by Isa’s room.

At playgroup today Jimmy tried to pull his body up to a train table. I was very impressed. I haven’t seen him do that before. He was holding his entire body up for at least a second. I think he will be crawling very soon!

It's 8pm and Isa is still up. hahaha, I better walk by again!

So I just went by Isa’s room and she is sitting next to her castle and she tells me that blue Cinderella is sick (said with a heavy emphasis, SICK) and she needs medicine. “She has a boo boo that is very very hurt.” She then showed me how all her princesses are sleeping in sparkly shoes in the castle so they don’t get scared. She put blue Cinerella’s daddy with her so she can get better and not very SICK. We will be giving her a band aid in the morning. I hope she recovers quickly. :)

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  1. I love that they're getting so into playing pretend. It's so fun to watch and listen when they don't realize you're there!