Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Clean is the word for today.

Today was a cleaning day. I cleared off my desk, organized a few files that were a little unruly, and did all the general cleaning. I ran some errands for Marc, went to the grocery store and managed to hit the gym only to walk on the treadmill. Gotta love that.

Isa took a yoga class at the gym. She learned the child pose, tree pose, cobra, and had a great time. Afterwards she was very insistent on us going to Jimmy Johns for dinner. We have done that twice and now she will ask for it every time we leave the gym. Err.

It’s times like that I wish I could go back in time and be a little less annoying for my parents. I remember trying to rationalize going to the dollar theatre over renting a movie with my dad. There is no real rationalization to that because I have 4 bothers and renting is always cheaper but I tried and my brothers tried. We must have been real pests.

Jimmy is still refusing to drink just about everything. Marc even made chocolate milkshakes and he said no by spitting it out and swatting the cup and spoon with his hand. He ended up a very dirty boy.

Once again everyone is asleep, although Marc is not in bed, he is on the sofa “watching” the World Series with his eyes closed.

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