Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Croup d' croup

Last night, about 10 minutes after I went to bed, I started to hear a barky cough. I tried to ignore it, but once it started it didn’t stop. I went into Isa’s room and she was just sitting there coughing and then she told me she couldn’t breathe. She was wheezing so badly so I called for reinforcements. Marc steamed Isa up in the bathroom until she calmed down. We gave her some water and then decided we should give her steroids. We gave her a Jimmy dose *(not knowing Wes would be there) with some milk and then put her to bed with me. It took a short time but she finally gave in to sleep. At that point her breathing became a lot less labored.

I would like to have a word with the croup virus. Could you come at a more inconvenient time? Why do you always strike without warning after 10pm when the doctor’s offices are closed? Go away, be gone, and don’t come back. You piece of you know what!

The nice thing about Isa being sick, although she has been perfectly fine since she woke up, is that we are forced to be homebound, cancel all plans, and chill. This week has been action packed busy and now we can just relax.

This evening we, the conspiracy team, are checking out a sweet location for the coffee playhouse. I wonder what we will call this place…feel free to throw out some ideas. If we pick it, you will definitely have bragging rights!

*if you get the reference you will win a prize. Marc that doesn't include you.