Monday, November 9, 2009

Graduation and a Baby!

Jimmy graduated today at 16 ½ months from his baby car seat to a big boy car seat. Keep in mind that the baby car seat has a general age range of 0-6months. It worked out great for us. This car seat has seen a lot of babies. It was purchased by the DiCamillo family and spent some time with their son Matthew, followed by Andre, Olivia, Isa, Jack and now Jimmy. I think it’s time for the car seat to retire but I think I will hold on to it just in case my older brother, whose wife is expecting, might need it when they visit. I think it can handle a few random trips here and there.

Yes, Leticia is pregnant! Porfin! jk! It will be great to have some Wittig cousins. She is due in June, 2010! Woo hoo:)

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  1. That is so nice to know you will be an aunt! congratufreakinlations girl!! That must be very exciting for you and your whole family. The love of an aunt is special and very sweet you'll love it:)