Friday, November 20, 2009

Meat Sticks!

I have so much to say and so little time. Yesterday, Isa said, while taking a bath and in some other world, “look at the bubbles my bootie made.”

Jimmy has been crazy for adult food. Isa was feeding him Gerber Little Crunchies (like cheetoes) and when she turned away, he would lean, reach for her, grab her dress, and then look up at her like more please. Marc bought him little meat sticks in a jar soaked in some liquid. They really don’t get any grosser. I took a video of him eating it but after the flack I got from posting a picture with vomit I think I will refrain from posting it. The two looks are comparable even though he didn’t vomit. He did bang his head with the meat stick and managed to hit every part of his face with it. He seemed to like those gross *sogged up meat sticks though.

Last night I went to an SFX (St. Francis Xavier) fundraiser, there were 30 vendors stuffed in a gym selling really cute stuff. Next year I will give everyone a heads up. It was very cool and I got nearly half of my Christmas shopping done. Woo hoo!

*my own use of the word soggy…sometimes made up words sound better, add more flare etc!

Sorry for the delay in explaining my last asterisk but it was referring to Wes and other guys from the MTV show, the Ruins. A lot of the guys on the show use steroids and it's so gross and obvious and they talk about it pretty openly. Wes is very athletic and was not expected to be on the show. When they found out, they mentioned they would have used a higher dose of the steroids. Marc and I listened to a Bill Simmons Podcast from ESPN talking about it and it was pretty funny. There was no winner. Maybe next time I will hit on a topic normal people know about.

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  1. Downtown Julie BrownNovember 24, 2009 at 3:09 AM

    Someone still watches MTV?