Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Big Secret!

Ok, I really want to talk about it so I am going to spill the beans. Or, at least, a few of them… I posted something about my trip to Family Grounds, a coffee shop with play area for young kids in Chicago, awhile back. That stirred up some conversation from two friends in particular…both told me they had the same idea and I thought that was cool and didn’t think about it again, until I saw what I thought, was the perfect location. I immediately, at the next red light, texted my friend and from that moment on been seriously considering opening something like that in Evanston. How cool would that be, right? I have met with a commercial realtor and talked with a coffee guy. We are currently trying to put a business plan together to see if this is feasible in Evanston.

I just think this is the kind of place that you can be a stay at home mom and working mom at the same time. I might be super naïve but it would be soooo cool. Jimmy would get to know so many locals and they him. I think the community aspect of it would be beneficial to everyone in the area.

Location seems to be the toughest part of the puzzle. Where is there parking, foot traffic, square feet, and visibility for one low price? If you have any ideas please let me know!

Today it seems possible. Tomorrow it very well might not. That’s my big secret. Cross your fingers!


  1. You go girl! You have no idea how big that concept has been in Miami. You should check out and Good luck!

  2. I love the Family Grounds! And would love to have something like that up here! I'll keep an eye out for a good location. Of course, I can't help hoping that it would be close to home :) It's a great idea!


  3. Christi, I've been meaning to comment forever. Love your blog, and so glad you read mine (not that I ever post anymore, but maybe someday...). I think this is SUCH a fantastic idea. There's a few of these kinds of places here in LA and they're super successful ( is a big one right by my house). Good luck on this journey. You sound like the kind of person who gets shit done when they put their mind to it.