Monday, November 2, 2009

Oh the joys of getting a physical...

All 3 photos were taken by Isa Harrison
Some of Isa's treats. I love the people that give out toys.
can you tell Jimmy's sock is orange? gross!
I love to give this boy tons of hugs!

When I think back on today I feel like nothing happened but we actually did a lot. I had a physical this morning and my drinking tea on an empty stomach caused me to vomit in the kitchen sink. Yummy, I know. Then, when I was finally allowed to eat, I stuffed myself into a coma, but unfortunately I was not allowed to rest. Instead, we had a play date with Sofia and Isabella, two girls in Isa’s class. I am hoping that some play dates will help Isa abstain from saying she has no friends. At least now I can bring up Sofia and Isabella and say but you are friends with them. Ha ha, I can totally back her into a corner now!

Jimmy spit up a few times today directly after I nursed him. I think my milk might be tainted. That is why he looks so dirty in the photos. The photos were taken at the end of the day so I didn't bother changing his clothes. Yes, I am that kind of mama.

All's well that ends well and Marc, Isa and Jimmy are all asleep. Marc is pretending to watch the World Series but he is totally snoring. I want to take a picture of him but he might kill me and I want to live a bit longer.

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  1. I don't think Evelyn feels that way. She considers Isa her friend. I'll be sure not to tell Evelyn she would be hurt! We hope to see you guys at playgroup tomorrow. I wouldn't worry too much... 3 year olds are still primarily engaged in parellel play. Some days Evelyn says she plays by herself and then later in the day will talk about Sofia, Ellie Kate,Isabella, and Isa playing dress-up. Like today Evelyn dressed up Isa in a skirt and blue shoes.