Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Only love to share today!

Today I drove out to Wheeling to hang out with two of my favorite Moms, Katie and Emily. We went to a place called Nibbles Cafe. It’s a restaurant with a play area. I love getting the mom friends together. I wish all my mom friends, and you know who you are, if I were to list all of you I would inevitably forget someone and then be in big trouble so I won’t do that, but I wish all of you knew each other. One day, when I’m big like Oprah, I will fly everyone to a beautiful Island and we can have a big party. But, YOU, yes, you, I totally dig you and this includes all of you in Texas too, yes, you know who you are!! I am so thankful to have all of you in my life. You make being a stay at home fun...and all you working moms inspire me. I love facebook for being able to peek into your lives more often. Kisses and Hugs to all of you!!

PS Jimmy and Isa are both doing great. :) Marc is working late but should be home soon. Now it’s time for So You Think You Can Dance! My favorite show of alllllll time.