Monday, November 23, 2009

Texas, we will see you tomorrow!

This photo was taken yesterday at Grandma's house.

This morning I went and dug out our DVD player. I asked Isa if she knew what is was. She thought it was a computer and I explained that it was only a DVD player. Then I asked her what we should do with it and she answered, “we watch a movie on the plane.” “we going to Texas?” She has done this a few times! We got some new books for the flight too. I hope they are good. I am super excited about this trip because my whole family will be there. It will be a week with no therapy, lots of eating, hanging out, playing cards and enjoying my big family. Did I mention that Jimmy was such an angel today? He played alone quite a bit as I whizzed by him packing. Thank you Jimmy! I hope he enjoys sitting on my lap tomorrow on the plane.

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