Monday, November 16, 2009

Ties, Mustaches and Mr. Man!

Isa smiled so beautifully for this picture but my million second delay camera wasn't able to capture it. Boo.
Cute mustache and tie cupcakes!

Tie streamers!

Yesterday, Isa and I went to a birthday party for, let’s call him, Mr. Man. He turned 3 and it was lots of fun. On the way there Isa said, “We are going to Mr. Man’s birthday and tomorrow it is my birthday.?” “No”, I said, “your birthday is in the spring time.” “Yes, when the leaves grow on the trees, that’s when my birthday is.?” As you may have figured out we have been through this a few times!

The mommy who planned this wonderful shindig, let’s call her Mr. Man’s mommy, did such a wonderful job decorating for the party. The themes were ties, mustaches and Mr. Man…cause every 3 year old is a mustache trimming, tie wearing, Mr. Man!

I was so impressed. Every party I throw has the most basic theme of all, dare I tell you? theme is party. Sometimes I even have matching cups and plates but that is pretty rare!

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  1. You can feel better about yourself that you at least have a party. Without you last year there would have been no party for Maguire! (Um, can we do that again next year???)