Friday, November 6, 2009

Two firsts for Jimmy and a bug for Isa!

This morning Isa and I were having breakfast together…Cracklin Oat Bran cereal. Isa calls them the squares with holes cereal. We were talking about what she would take to school for show and tell when BAM she slapped her hand on the table, removed it, and then said, “I got it.” “It was a bug, Mommy.” It was a bug indeed. I’m glad she will be helping me in the future with our bug problem in the kitchen!

Jimmy had two firsts today. The first one will be disapproved of by a few of you but I am proud of this accomplishment. He cried when Baby Signing Time was over and I turned off the TV! He is so into it and I am so happy because he will learn lots of great signs and will be able to communicate with us. Marc and I are big advocates of the TV…especially when it’s educational.

His second first, is kind of gross, he pooped in the bathtub. Unfortunately, Isa was in the tub too and not aware of what happened. I told Isa, “Isa get up, Isa get up now, STAND UP ISA!” She just swam around oblivious to me till she finally realized and finally got up. Jimmy thought it was hilarious and smiled proudly every time I asked him if he pooped in the bathroom. I will spare you the photo!


  1. Pooping in the tub seems like such a "guy" thing, so way to be a dude Jimmy!

  2. Skylar pooped in the tub a few times before we realized it was the warm water...ever since then..we take showers!! Way to go Jimmy!