Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We landed in San Antonio!

Marc cut up some pears for Isa...smart move Marc.

Jimmy asleep on Uncle Jonny.

Isa happy watching Princess stories.

Jimmy jammin in San Anton...he wants to be in a Mariachi band!

Jimmy woke me up at 4:50am this morning and for once I didn't mind at all because my alarm was set for 5am. We left on time with only one set of tears after Marc told Isa he was not going on the flight with us. She was very sad but was consoled with the news that Uncle Jonny and Lisa were flying with us. The flight went off without a hitch. We read books till the use of electronics were allowed and then movie time started. At one point Jimmy banged the DVD player a few times and Uncle Jonny, who was sitting directly behind us, requested a visit from his nephew, and shortly after he was asleep on his shoulder. He even slept through the landing. We just had lunch at Tycoon Flats and now we are getting situated. I miss SA, such a great place!


  1. A brave woman flies with small children. Hey, that'll be your indian name.

  2. I cut them up, but bringing a bag of pears was Isa's own idea. She's an experienced traveler!