Sunday, December 6, 2009

Carlos' you tricked us!

Marc and Dan drinking out of huge glasses. It helps the wine breathe.
Foie Gras, Lobster, Mango Salad.

My eyes are a wet pool. I am laughing at the fact that we are taking pictures in a fancy restaurant.

They are both pretending that price doesn't matter! haha.

Every now and again, you walk into something, and once it starts, there is no going back. Let me start from the beginning, a few months ago, Marc suggested going to Carlos’ Restaurant in Highwood, and we made plans to go there with another couple. When you drive up to Carlos’ and valet your car, you still think things are fine. You walk in and there is nothing too suspicious. We checked our coats and sat down at a nice table with mismatching china. It was small and nice. We ordered some drinks (and this is when we got a clue but still mostly unaware) and the clue being there were no prices on most of the drinks. A good while later, after filling our bellies with alcohol, we got our menu, and we saw some prices for the first time, and they were high but it still seemed manageable. I ordered a salad with lobster and foie gras…mostly because it had mango in it (that price was not listed). It was yummy. After salads, came our main course, a bottle of wine, desserts, cappuccinos, and then the bill. We had been nervously laughing about the bill the whole time. We were a bunch of thirty something’s that felt like teenagers in a fancy restaurant for the first time. Marc was too embarrassed to even tell me the total. I peaked and thought, there goes my new computer I wanted for Christmas. I think Marc would cry if I told you how expensive it was and I am dreading it a bit today. All morning we have been trying to guess what all the unlisted prices were…I think that salad I ordered was in the 30 dollar range and who knows what my champagne flight cost. But, once you sit down, there isn’t much you can do, but roll with it, and enjoy yourselves. And, that, we did!

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  1. OMG! Danny and I went there for our 5th anniversary, pre-kids, when we were both workin!. I don't know what your total was but I know ours was pretty bad! Yummy though. A friend of mine told me a funny story about celebrating paying off her college loans at Charlie Trotter's. I'm pretty sure she started a new loan payment that night!!!