Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Show!

Isa with some of her classmates.

Isa before the concert.

I’m laughing just thinking about Isa’s Christmas Show this morning. The three year old class sang Away in a Manger, Silent Night and Jingle Bells. The first song was Away in a Manger and Isa inched up as close to the mic as she could. I was dying and the best part was she finally got front and center, and she didn’t know the words. Isa might be struck with my inability to remember the words to any song regardless of how many times she has heard it, but boy I’m hoping it’s just a three year old thing.

Jimmy looking devilishly handsome!

Jimmy was rocking it in a new sweater vest compliments of Bobby and his Mamas. He got so many compliments.

Marc, Isa and Jimmy after the concert.

Isa singing Away in a Manger

For the second round of songs Isa got stuck in the back row and eventually started crying because, and I quote, “I wanted mama.” It was a great show and afterwards they had a Christmas Party. It included lots of donuts and cupcakes.

Isa with her teacher Mrs. Sasso...her teacher came and got her because she kept crying during the last two songs.


  1. Until that sweater vest picture, I never realized how much Jimmy looks like his Daddy. Sincerely, one of Bobby's mamas

  2. Okay, I was just about to say the same thing! I never saw the resemblance between Jimmy and Marc until the sweater vest picture-wow!