Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Frosty the Snowman and my family is in town!

My proudest achievement in 32 years!

This morning I was looking out the back door and I witnessed my neighbors rolling snowballs. I thought, it is time to conquer that feat. I put Jimmy down for a nap and Isa and I made the best snowman ever…to date anyways. I rolled snowballs and they were big and round and just plain perfect!  I was calling him Cool Guy but Isa insisted his name was "Frosty the Snowman"…not just Frosty.  He is wearing a Quigley tie, which I think Marc was a tad upset about, and wearing a great jenner and block sun visor cap because he’s too cool for school.

Isa loves to shovel.

My brother and I took my family to Family Grounds in the hopes of inspiring some investors. Haha. We learned that they want to franchise. Hmmm?

 Luke and Jimmy!

Tonight my brother, Nate, and his wife, Leticia, made us a wonderful dinner of butternut squash soup, pork chops, and asparagus. Thank You!

My mom helping out.

Luke, Leticia, Nathan, Jonathan, Dad, Mom, and Isa enjoying a yummy dinner.

This is what happens when you leave my dad alone with Jimmy. Fear and laughter overcame me...I think Jimmy took a poop sitting on the drum. He was exhausted. He was asleep withing 5 minutes of this picture.

P.S. Jimmy did eat adult food all day yesterday but not today because he seemed uncomfortable and constipated. I think I will stick to 50% non-baby food for now.


  1. thats so nice you have your family in town! hope you guys have a blast! and your snowman is definitely the coolest one ever!

  2. Did Jimmy get a hair cut? His hair has looked extra cool in the last couple of days of pictures. Anne

  3. it's the lack of a hair cut that you are witnessing. Marc likes to buzz it short. I like it longer on top. Thankfully, Marc has been to busy to keep up with Jimmy's hair.

  4. I am also not happy about the AQPS tie debacle. Frosty T. Snowman better have returned it upon his expiration.